The term overselling means offering system resources to customers without having the ability to provide them. In simple words, a web hosting provider may advertise a plan with limitless disk space when, in truth, the client's account will be generated on a server with various other accounts sharing the total space. To ensure that all the customers have a share, providers often set hidden quotas for each account and basically trick their customers about the resources they will get. The main reason to oversell is to get new customers although providers do understand that a web server can have only so many hard drives. Resellers usually purchase packages with fixed system resources as well, which means that they are unable to provide the unlimited plans they offer.
No Overselling in Cloud Web Hosting
If you purchase one of our cloud web hosting plans, you will get what you have paid for with no exceptions. We don't oversell and we'll provide you with all the system resources that you can see on our site for any of the packages. Even the features which are listed as limitless have no hidden quotas and we can afford that since we use a really powerful custom web hosting platform. Instead of generating accounts on one server like many companies do, we have clusters of servers taking care of every single part of the hosting service - file storage, database access, emails, stats, etc. Therefore, the system resources are practically limitless as we can continue adding hard disk drives or whole servers to each of the clusters. As opposed to almost all mainstream Control Panels, our Hepsia tool was designed to work on such a platform.
No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Hosting
As each semi-dedicated hosting account is generated on our tailor-made cluster platform, you will be able to get any of the packages that we sell and not worry about paying for anything different than what you could actually take advantage of. Your web hosting account will not be created on just a single server, so there is no scenario where we could run out of system resources and limit what you can use in any respect. Instead, you will enjoy a cloud platform where each service (website files, emails, databases, etc.) is handled by its own cluster and since we are able to add extra power by attaching extra machines, we can afford to provide you with unlimited features for our semi-dedicated packages. We never oversell because we simply don't have any reason for this and if you register for one of our plans, you will always get all the features you've paid for without exceptions.