Even though the hosting service offered by the different companies is virtually the same, every provider has a customized platform with its own tweaks and ways to complete given things. That’s the reason why, an info-stuffed knowledge base would be really helpful both for persons with no prior experience and for tech-savvy individuals who will sooner or later find out how specific operations are performed, but will lose time in the process. The objective of such a knowledge base is to help make the hosting service fast and easy to use, sparing users both time and efforts. The result is gladder clients, as they can easily find the information they are seeking, and a lot less work for the support team representatives, because usually most of the queries and problems that customers have got are already outlined in the knowledge base. Given that the articles are expertly written and cover more topics, you’ll be able to find out more not only about your own account, but also about the web hosting service in general.
Extensive Online Documentation in Cloud Web Hosting
All Linux cloud web hosting packages that we offer feature an in-depth knowledge base where you can find everything you should know in regards to your hosting account. Whether you are planning to create a brand new MySQL database, to forward a domain name by means of an .htaccess configuration file or to create an email account on your desktop computer or handheld device, you can just read our step-by-step help articles and all the information that you require will be there. When you open a specific section of your Hepsia Control Panel, you’ll see articles that pertain to the functions that can be accessed through it. If you prefer to see the entire collection of articles and get familiar with all the features that Hepsia offers, or simply to read general information about the web hosting service, you can explore the whole knowledge base, which can be accessed through the Help menu in your Control Panel. We’ve tried our best to encompass any problem that you could encounter, but in case you do not find what you wish, you can always get in touch with us, as our customer care team representatives are at your service 24-7.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our Linux semi-dedicated packages feature exhaustive online help documentation where you will see info on all the functions that our in-house created Hepsia hosting Control Panel comes with, together with solutions to various questions and challenges that you may chance upon. All installation manuals offer detailed descriptions, which implies that you won’t have to worry about missing something if you’re planning to export a MySQL database, for example. The troubleshooting articles encompass a range of feasible reasons for particular problems and the solution for each one of them, so in case you are unable to send email messages although you have the right settings, for example, you can swiftly discover what the reason for this may be and repair the problem with two or three mouse clicks in your email client. As the Hepsia Control Panel has quite a lot of features, you’ll be able to find relevant articles in each and every section. If you wish to look through all help articles, click on the Help link, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.