The World Wide Web is based on unique numbers identified as IP addresses and every single device or site that is a part of the Web has this type of an address. It really is pretty difficult to remember to go to to load a website though, because of this a much quicker system was launched in the eighties - domain names. Every domain name features a primary part plus an extension, for instance or A great number of extensions exist worldwide - some of them are assigned to countries, for example in the aforementioned example, which is given to the United Kingdom, while many others are generic, for instance .com or .net. Some extensions are available for registration by any entity and some others have specific requirements - company registration, local presence, and so on. You can obtain a brand new domain name through a registrar firm like ours and if the extension supports domain transfers, you can shift an existing domain between registrars as well.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Cloud Web Hosting
If you purchase a Linux cloud web hosting package through our company, you are able to pick from over 50 domain extensions for your new domain name - both generic and country-specific ones. We are able to provide a nearly immediate registration service as we partner with an accredited ICANN registrar - the organization that controls the domain system globally. Every time you obtain a new domain name, it will be active within minutes, so that you will be able to start taking care of your website straight away. You can also transfer an existing domain that you have bought through a different company and manage it in one place with the hosting space for it with us. Our state-of-the-art Domain Manager instrument will give you full control of your domains - renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, custom records, forwarding, WHOIS info management, and many more.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Hosting
With our semi-dedicated server solutions, you are able to register as many domains as you need and take care of them from one place together with your hosting account by using our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You can choose from over fifty generic and country-specific extensions and since a number of them have specific requirements to be registered, we will give you a hand from the minute of your purchase up until the moment the domains are available on the Web. If you have domain names through a different provider and you'd like to host them here, you can as well transfer them here because it'll be easier to take care of everything via a single account rather than going through separate systems. Our company is a partner of an ICANN-certified registrar, so we can offer you very quick registrations plus plenty of innovative domain management solutions.
Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Hosting
When you get a virtual private server plan from our company, you can also register a new domain name for your prospective web site throughout the account ordering process. If you'd like to get extra domains, you will be able to get them in bulk via the VPS Control Panel after that. Based on your target country and the type of your sites, you're able to pick from 50+ different domain extensions and register names with the ones that will match your requirements ideally. All of your brand new domain names will be available on the internet promptly considering the fact that we are a licensed registrar for some of the extensions and we work with the biggest registrars for all the rest. If you wish to host domains that are registered in a different place, you can transfer them over and handle them in a single place using your VPS account. Here, you'll have full control over them, such as DNS control, which is an option that numerous other providers offer at an extra charge.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Web Hosting
Together with your dedicated server, you're able to register as many domains as you'd like and control them via your server’s payment Control Panel. We provide tens of country-code and generic TLDs that you can select from, therefore you can register the ideal domains depending on the nature of your websites and the countries or regions that you'd like to targeted. We are a certified registrar for most of the TLDs, while for some other extensions we work with some of the greatest registrars on the market. This enables us to offer affordable prices, rapid registrations as well as outstanding administration solutions. You can also transfer your existing domain names and control them in a single place with your dedicated server. We will renew them once the transfer process is finalized.